-=quaker was awesome, i had a sLow turn in bangko, and i missed a turn, but that's it, overaLL we did awesome! hmm, we got tons of free stuff, i dig, i dig. we ate for free, it's so nice to be Like "hmmm, i want a bowL of soup, excuse me waitress, can i have a bowL of soup?" haha i Love not paying for my food.. afterwards we went to the nastiest depauL show, it was very boring, and sorry to say, but we rock cuLturaL.....now for some pictures from my favorite picture bitc...uh....babe =P haha=-

-=the fam.fam being siLLy in rynee's car=-

-=pre quaker pic=-

-=bangko group=-

-=man we shouLd be in a pepsi-co commerciaL!!!=-

-=haha we're waiting for fooooood=-

-=thanks to the picture babe =P =-


-=job search: so far, i FAIL=-

-=so yeah....i get reaLLy bored reaLLy quickLy. summer is comin' aLong fine i guess, hmmm Let's see, pLaying videogames, going to cuLturaL practice, it's cooL.cooL i guess. yesterday i went to a famiLy/pcs party thanks to the gracious invite on stephanie's part, it was cooL to chiLL with the Legendary pcs crew, got to know stephanie's sister a LittLe better before she comes to UIUC =P. we tried going bowLing, but it was packed, especiaLLy since the uLimited speciaL started at 9.0, rather than the percieved 10.0 =P. oh weLL, chiLLed at daryL's for a tiny bit, then headed back to the party. i saw my dad's cLose friend at the party, smaLL worLd, huh? christine invited me to her graduation party, i'LL go, sounds Like fun. hmmm, today went to the south for practice, fun i guess, exhausting i guess, same time tomorrow...ok that's it, bye.bye=-


-=hmmmm sorry guys, camera broke......no pics.....pLus it's hard to upLoad pics with 56k >=O =-


-=fricken see what boredom does to you?? onLine quizzes!!=-
You are Morpheus-
You are Morpheus, from "The Matrix." You
have strong faith in yourself and those around
you. A true leader, you are relentless in your

What Matrix Persona Are You?
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-=passed CS with a C- i'm definiteLy happy, ceLebrate with me!!! woohoo, A in rhet, i rock!=-